Christina and Sundance Kid “Sunny”

Christina Bailey began her journey into the equine world at a young age riding and exploring the Virginia countryside on her very first pony. Through high school, she rode and competed in hunters and western before beginning her training certification in 2009 through Legacy Horse Training where she was introduced to the American Mustang. Always looking to learn more, Christina has also had the privilege of training with other equine professionals including Buster McLaury, Kenny Harlow, Colleen Kelly, and Jose Mendez.

During the summer of 2012, Christina competed in the New Jersey Extreme Mustang Makeover Double Down, with Reno and Sundance Kid, “Sunny”. Forming a strong bond with Sunny during the competition, Christina, with the help of friends, won the bid for Sunny and brought him home. With his ever calm and steady personality, Sunny holds the prestigious role of baby sitter for the horses that come to train with Christina.

Continuing to learn from as many horses, people, and perspectives as she can, Christina has dedicated herself to a training career creating Sunny Side Horse Training. Offering baby steps and colt starting, problem solving, conditioning, and advanced training for the aspiring youngster, Christina focuses on creating safe and reliable equines of all breeds and disciplines. She also offers insight into why our horses do what they do and how to make effective and lasting changes to improve riding and horsemanship while building confidence and working through the problems each individual faces.