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At Sunny Side Horse Training, all starts are done slowly and carefully, enhancing the horse’s natural abilities and focusing on creating a calm and willing partner. Trust and understanding is the key. Whether your horse is a fresh start or needs to back up and have a restart, this is the program for you.

$700.00 Training per month + Board


 Travel Training:

If you want to continue the education of your horse and yourself but you’d rather do it from the comfort of your own barn, this is the route to go. Please inquire about pricing.



Conditioning/ Tune ups:


Everyone has those times where they don’t see a whole lot of action. We get busy in life and sometimes we put our horses out to pasture during those times. It’s been months since you rode your horse last, and you just need some help getting him ready, this program is perfect for you!

$500.00 per month + board



Problem Solving:

Please inquire about pricing.